Inviting Paper Invitations

I have a confession. I love paper.
It's becoming a borderline obsession. For me, it's right up there with my other obsessions, ie. unique coffee mugs, scarves, and anything made of glass. I just love it. I love how fragile it is and how it looks with pencil, ink, paint, chalk, conti, and pretty much any medium. I like how it smells when it ages, how it crinkles when it's folded, how it can become a paper airplane, and can be a place to write your deepest darkest secrets.  
Paper is amazing.
I've been wishing and wishing that Florida would one day put up a Paper Source right next door to my house, but it has yet to happen. And with me leaving and not calling their corporate headquarters everyday begging them to put up a store ANYWHERE in Florida, I doubt it ever will.
So to satisfy my craving for textured, colored, line, decorated paper without buying more paper that would make my husband ever so kindly but inquisitively ask me "so....why are you buying more paper?" I decided to request a sample kit from Minted
I've heard a lot of good things about Minted and I wanted to see if it was up to par with my level of paper snobbery. So I requested a kit and it arrived in about two weeks.
It came in this divine white folder with the word 'Minted' embossed on it. I giggled as I opened it.
Why hello you beautiful pieces of paper. Heaven almighty was this paper...gorgeous.
I felt it, inhaled it, examined it, and swooned over it. The samples were amazing. And I sat there on the couch next to my husband looking at these pieces of paper, invitations really, while he watched TV. Then I sat up. I wonder what they look like photographed. Probably amazing.
So I set up this sheet by our large master bedroom window and I gathered clippings from around our yard and began to style the invitations. I picked up my film and digital camera and just started snapping away. It was all very relaxing until Todd came in...."what.....what are you doing?" 
Me: ".....relaxing."
Todd: "You're taking pictures of this? The flowers died for these pictures of invitations?"
Me: .....mumble mumble.
What was I supposed to say?
Yes. They sacrificed their brief moment to live forever in a picture.
Then I figured I would blog about it, this would assuage my guilted conscience for killing flowers.
Thus the blog.
But it's more than just assuaging my guilty conscience. I really would like to demonstrate the gorgeous detail of the samples I received from Minted. So without more pomp and we go.
The first one you see is Minted's Botanical Wreath Invitation. It's beautiful. Seriously the picture does not do it justice. It has a whimsical illustrate-y feel to it that is just divine. I loved it. The invitation itself is sturdy (I think it was 240lb paper) and would survive rather well in the mail.

Minted Botanical Wreath Invitations | Michelle Mock Photography

And this is Minted's Charming Go Lightly. Go lightly over my heart Minted. This elegant invite is so delicate and waifish that if I ever received something like this in the mail, I would promptly begin looking to purchase me some fine, silk, elbow-length white gloves. Because an invitation like this would most certainly call for it.

Minted Charming Go Lightly | Michelle Mock Photography

The next invitation is Minted's Striped Sweet Nothings. And sweet nothing my butt. This is mortifyingly wonderful.
I think it's due to the stripes. I love me some stripes and a little bit of color. The two combined. Gah. Just slay me.

Minted Striped Sweet Nothings | Michelle Mock Photography

This last one is Minted's Posted invitation. This one is clean and bold and fresh and I loved it. 
It gets straight to the point and does so in a typographically pleasing way. I imagine a bride that orders a suite like this would wear a Vera Wang gown on her wedding day. Something clean and classic.

Minted Silhouette | Michelle Mock Photography

I should mention that I wasn't paid to say or do any of this. I think that's pretty clear in the beginning with how random the whole thing is, but just in the event you think I'm being paid in some secret underhanded way...I'm not. I paper.